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SNA social network analysis

Decision makers drown in information but are thirsty for actionable intelligence !

As a network science (network analysis) based intelligence partner, we bring the complementary social network perspective into our clients` decision making processes and move them beyond financial and non-financial data to help identify risks and opportunities in a unique manner.

SONEAN`s unique Ecosystem Intelligence sets a new standard when it comes to monitoring the competitive and external environment of our corporate and investor clients internationally, helping them to spot opportunities and threats dynamically in an unparalleled way. Our view is that in order to understand complex systems, one needs to know the ties/links that connect the individual entities/organizations within a system. Our ecosystem model which serves as the basis for our intelligence, and incorporates social as well as organizational networks among organizations, represents a solid fundament to provide our clients unique and actionable intelligence. We thus structure, research, and connect data in a way so that our clients no longer have to drown in information and receive unparalleled intelligence to make vital and informed decisions.

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