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Ecosystem Intelligence E.I.

E.I. - The Future of Actionable Intelligence

How do we deliver actionable intelligence?

Every project starts with the development of a unique ecosystem-model reflecting the competitive and external environment that our client and its organization are exposed to. Starting from our client`s customers (within their ecosystem) we identify their ties to competition and thus get deep insights into customer-competitor networks. The aim is to understand the entire ecosystem in which our client`s organization or portfolio investments are embedded, including customers, competitors, governments, associations, universities, NGOs and other central actors as it is key to recognize the social ties that bind these entities and look at developments and organizations not in isolation but from a socially connected perspective.

We then analyze the social capital of relevant actors such as customers and competitors (where did they study, what boards do they sit on, and e.g. where did they work) to understand the ties among actors and how it could potentially affect our client`s strategy and other organizational outcomes. This step also helps us to identify further stakeholders and central actors in the ecosystem for the actual monitoring process. After the completion of the ecosystem model, thousands of organizations and actors within the ecosystem are then dynamically monitored to identify opportunities and threats using a 3-pillar approach using a) automation, b) devoting special attention to central actors, and c) searching in dozens of different languages based on a thesaurus for the sector in which our client operates.

The daily connections in our database lead to an ongoing improvement of the results allowing us and the client to tap into an ever growing resource of unique actionable intelligence.

Depending on preferences by the client we provide a daily or weekly intelligence report for an entire region (such as Europe, Africa, and the Middle East) or the whole world and the client no longer hast to cope with dozens of different information sources, standards, languages etc. which leads to a substantial reduction of complexity, saves considerable costs (including opportunity costs) and increases the quality and independence of our actionable intelligence considerably. The daily/weekly intelligence becomes the main source of insights across the whole global organization.