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SONEAN - Social Network Analysis (SNA) Lab 2017

Since 2013 numerous international students have participated in our SNA Lab.

Hereby we aim to spread the importance of network science, and its application to organizational challenges. Our team members are not just involved in cutting edge research but at the same time also work on existing projects related to our unique Ecosystem Intelligence. Some work throughout the whole year while others join us during the semester breaks. This year we have again focused on bringing back our existing lab members.

Cancan (IE University - Spain), August (University of British Columbia - Canada), Nicholas (Wharton - USA), Selma (Frankfurt University - Germany), and Jakob (Frankfurt International School - Germany) joined us in Kronberg during the May to August period.

We realized early on that we had to create our own ecosystem around the topic to ensure that network related science is spread to also complement traditional analytics. The future will be very much dominated by "Connecting the Nodes" and in order to manage complexity we need to understand the ecosystems (sectors) in which we operate. Above all we need to understand the ties that connect organizations to better anticipate next steps, and provide the needed intelligence to make better decisions at the corporate, and investor level.

We will hopefully meet again at the upcoming "Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Network Analysis in Financial Services Summit" where we will share many details related to network science, and its impact. It will certainly alter the way how we look at the world in the 21st century.

SNA Lab at SONEAN 2014:
SNA Lab at SONEAN 2013: