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Our Core Team

Tahmina Day

Tahmina Day, M.B.A. - USA Advisory Board Member
Tahmina has more than ten years of professional experience in corporate governance with a focus on areas such as board functions, internal controls and ERM (Enterprise Risk Management). Mrs. Day is a corporate governance advisor for the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation (IFC). Tahmina joined IFC in 2007, and since that provided corporate governance advisory services to more than 40 companies in five countries, with the biggest assignments delivered to boards and C-suite executives in finance and manufacturing industries. Prior to joining IFC, Tahmina served as an internal auditor for LFS Financial Systems GmbH, a German consulting firm operating in the financial sector.

Tahmina holds an M.B.A. from Darden Business School, University of Virginia and is a recipient of The Rising Star of Corporate Governance 2013 award by Columbia Law School.

In addition to her in-depth corporate governance expertise, Tahmina brings to SONEAN substantial knowledge of the US market, and particularly Russia & CIS as well as Eastern Europe. As a member of the SONEAN`s Advisory Board, Tahmina advises on the strategic expansion, global exposure, and assists SONEAN in relation to intelligence activities in Eastern Europe as well as Russia & CIS