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SONEAN is a very distinguishable, pleasant sounding trademark and acronym representing SOcial NEtwork ANalysis, i.e. SNA. The SNA term, capitalized, clearly sticks out based on the distinctive colour in the wording.

The logo includes a clear slogan „Connecting The Nodes“ ( and shows what we stand for. These can be any nodes (people, organizations, concepts, locations, statements, views etc.) communicated through any source (social media, publications, websites, videos etc.). Our aim is to bring the social network perspective into decision making and move our clients beyond financial and non-financial data (such as ESG, environmental, social, and governance factors) to provide a unique and complementary perspective to our clients, the social network one. We don`t look at companies in isolation, what interests us are the human links between individual organizations that have a substantial impact on their business strategies and decisions.

The SONEAN-logo highlights a network with nodes being connected to each other and resembles the world (with ties looking like longitudes and lattitudes and underlining the importance of geographic location). The central actors are represented as bigger nodes in a proportional manner showing the importance of identifying central players based on SNA and using the insights about actors in the ecosystem to develop more targeted, resource efficient and successful strategies and implement them holistically. The three distinct colours of the nodes could be interpreted as three different groups or particular attributes of certain nodes (such as country of origin etc.) with the orange node sticking out as „the most central actor“. The orange node represents our "core service", i.e. Ecosystem Intelligence which we see as the future of corporate & investor intelligence.

Two nodes are connected in a uni-directional way using arrows. These resemble the fingers of a clock and stand for the dynamic (i.e. time) aspect of our analytic work. Our goal is to establish social network criteria as a third and complementary pillar next to financial and non-financial data and allow our clients to generate better returns and/or minimize their risks. SONEAN will also be the gateway to other sectors beyond the investment industry and thus allow us to leverage our core competence in SNA and its application into different industries.