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Why Ecosystem Intelligence?

E.I. - The Future of Actionable Intelligence

We develop a  unique ecosystem model for our client allowing us to monitor the entire competitive and external environment in a systematic and integrated way. We thus don`t look at companies in isolation but also include the key actors and entities and their prior as well as existing ties to understand interdependencies and better predict future developments. 

The intelligence is delivered in one language (all relevant developments across the world, even though in potentially dozens of languages, are translated into English or the preferred language of the client such as e.g. German).

The client receives one standard/one platform to inform all relevant actors in the company leading to one company with one core intelligence source.

Our intelligence includes key insights (related to clients, competitors and other relevant stakeholders or to external factors), the context in which developments in the competitive and external environment unfold and how they are connected with each other, and the strategic implications for the client and its international operations.

Our client has SONEAN as main intelligence partner and reduces complexity and costs greatly, receiving much higher quality intelligence at a fraction of existing opportunity and real costs.

We provide "independent research" and analysis which is fully complementary to our client`s existing activities.

The following video features our SNA Lab Member and Analyst Nicholas who was interviewed in March 2016 in Spain in relation to SONEAN`s ecosystem intelligence.

The interview was shortened to roughly 2,5 minutes, and provides a solid overview.

SONEAN - Ecosystem Intelligence E.I